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This game is alright. Making big combos is fun but the gameplay of it dosent emphasizes this since you want to do small explosions on the bottom in the same place to break blocks and reach higher levels. The sound effect of placing down is good but such rythmic setup really could use actual music instead of ambiance. There's nothing telling you when the blocks you have are gonna fall down on their own and it gets faster as you increase level (as it should) so you never can know how much time you have to place blocks. While the animations are nice the hammer hitting blocks feels really slow and with the ambiance it feels like a slow game but im not sure that was the intent. Its also lacking in diversity a lot. Now tetris is a classic and has no diversity of mechanics (disregarding sequels with bombs and stuff) and this one does have different levels of blocks and such that needs more explosions to break but your still doing the same thing. You explode blocks to get rid of them to get more space to explode more of the bottom blocks. You get more points from making huge daisy chains of blocks but whats the point when it dosent advance you in any way? You dont increase in levels or difficulty by doing so as far as the game tells you, so why bother?
I dont want to lambast a small team's first project but as a big BIG fan of "shit falls down" puzzle games, it pains me to see this one fall short like that.


First of all, thank you for the feedback and for purchasing the game.
This is very very important to us and we appreciate it a lot.

We know that there a lot of improvements that we could make it up to the game.
Things to make it more unique and memorable.

In our blog post we talked about the conception of the project.
Originally, BLASTLINKS was designed as a "proof of concept" to our team keep a project to the very end.

Finishing the scope that we planned, made us very happy and was like a "motivator" for us to publish it.
This is the very first game that someone, instead of us, has ever played.😊

As i said before, your feedback is a fuel to keep our engines on!

If you wanna give a key to a friend try our game, DM us on twitter (@rhinomodeon).

Thank you very much!

Giovani Rocha - RMO

No problems. Im a designer myself and I know from experience that releasing something and not getting an ounce of feedback without browbeating people is very real and very very frustrating so I had no choice but to comment once i saw this was your first project. I do wanna mention though that i already followed ya folks on twitter beforehand and your DMs are not, in fact, open.